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This little Light of Mine..Im Gonna Let It Shine
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10th-Jan-2007 10:27 pm - meme
Meme taken fromamiricons
1. Post a list of 25 fandoms.
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite character(s) from each fandom.
3. When guessed, bold the fandom, and put next to the fandom who got it. Some fandoms have more than one favorite character.

okay so i wimped out on 25 i don't think i have 25 at all.
so im pretty sure yu supp0osed to guess which characters i like from each of those fandoms.
5th-Jan-2007 01:19 am - Uptown Girls Screencaps

542 caps of the movie Uptown girls
Sized: 596x336

25th-Dec-2006 09:47 pm - A Real Mixture
this is a real mixture of icons i have made of the past month or so when i have had free time seeing i haven't had much.
2 The Breakfast Club
3 Ducky from Pretty in Pink
11 Weird Science
10 Mackenzie rosman
4 Family photos
8 Brady Bunch Movie
5 Home and Away

12th-Dec-2006 08:53 pm - Icon Tutorial
Here is a tutorial to make this in Adobe Photoshop:


Works best with screenshots
If your confused with anything just write a comment

4th-Nov-2006 12:07 pm - Iconista
30 Icons

13 Teen wolf
18 The Little Rascals.
1 patrick fugit
1 Mathew bellamy (from muse)

Teen wolf and Little rascals caps are from newsie__nympho

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